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I work with the vulnerability and the general sense and traces of human existence and the human being's connection and place in its own time - in a symbolic, conceptual or direct way. Often with metaphorical use of found objects and recycled materials that include anonymity, chance, decay, loss and memories.

Wax is a material that has been very important in my works ever since I started using wax in my works while studying at SHKD. I have also since that time been sponsored by Exxon Mobil with different types of wax and especially petroleum waxes.

My works contain elements of mythology and a kind of subjective archeology, personal history, thoughts and feelings. Art and life are for me one inseparable thing where I value highly the works' integrity, soul and the basic intuitive idea.

The process - and the preparation and use of the materials - has in it, for me, a strong sense of honesty where I rarely add color but retain the natural tone that is inherent in the material or that arises in the processing - deconstruction and reconstruction.

Iren Gule