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Early works 1991-1999

Iren Gule, SHKD, Bergen, 1990
Modul I, 100x105x7cm, Modul II, 100x100x7cm
Oil, acrylic, wax, rubber and paper on sewn canvas, 1999
Untitled, 1999, 125x185cm,
Cotton, stitches, paper and wax on canvas
Måneside, 1999, 29x58x7cm
Acrylic, wax, rubber and paper on canvas
Giraff Giraff, 1992, 42x155x5cm
Wax, rubber, pencil and paper on canvas.
Participated at Statens Høstutstilling in 1992.
Untitled, 1997, 100x64x7cm
Paper, wax and stitches on canvas.
Untitled, 1992, 20x70x8cm
Paper and wax on canvas.
TID 1991, 210x90x30cm, Silk and expanded polystyrene.
Participated at Vestlandsutstillingen in 1992.
Untitled, 1992, 330x265cm, Paper and cotton.
Participated at Vestlandsutstillingen in 1993.
Untitled, 1992, detail.
Untitled, 1993, 300x300cm, Cotton and pigment.
Oulu Art Museum, Finland.
Tavler, 1998, 300x220x10cm
Oil, acrylic, paper and woodblock print on canvas of a book page from Bardo Thödol that I got from a Tibetan monk in Nepal in 1987. Participated at W.A.T. (World Artists for Tibet) Trondhjems Kunstforening.
Wool and wax on stretcher frame, 250x100cm, 1995 (KUNSTMUSEET KUBE).
Participated at Den Nordnorske Kunstutstilling in 1996.