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Adelante del olvido

The works are named «Forth from Oblivion» and each work is composed of 25 pictures.

The pictures stand forth as a set of perception tablets providing insight into the fable and into the traces and memories of the landscape. Inner and outer landscape.

Iren utilizes the tension between the figurative and abstract in her form of expression. Coarse materials like sand, wax, oil and lacquer on canvas and plate are heavily plied and create surfaces in several layers that are engraved into each other. By virtue of strong contours, several figures and shapes tread forth as enlivened memories.

Adelante del olvido III 1999

óleo, cera, papel y barniz sobre tabla. 250x275cm
Adquirido por Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum en 2001.

En Taller 2000, Trondheim (Foto: Sissel Mary Rasmussen)
Trøndelag senter for samtidskunst, 1999

Adelante del olvido II 1999-2007

óleo, cera, plástico y barniz sobre tabla. 250x275cm

En Taller 2000, Trondheim (Foto: Sissel Mary Rasmussen)
I have sold parts of this series over the years and have continued to work on it up until 2008
En Taller, Drammen 2008