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Ritual Memory 2018

124 x 117 cm

Techniques/materials: photo, shellac, acrylic, plexi, oil, wood, iron, steel.

This installation is a memorial, an ode to the lost world of the photo album, the keeper of family history and personal stories. About the individuals' place and connections in their own time - the collective cultural rituals and events. The peculiar typology you may find in such albums.

Having a photo album, you feel you are in possession of something unique, intimate and which is meant to be preserved for a long time. A portable set of pictures that testify to their affiliation.

This work is based on found, anonymous family photographs from one photo album discovered in a junk shop in 2006, where there were also present, in their own boxes, some of the same framed portraits that one could see hanging on the wall in the album pictures. The photos are from the first half of the 1900s.

In my studio at Filtvet.