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The Shadow Project

Skuggeverk - The Shadow Project, 2007

Original x-rays from 1960 to 2003, anonymized and donated by Buskerud Central Hospital, Drammen in 2007, when the entire archive of old film-based radiographs was to be burned.

Installation consisting of sections of X-rays, mirrors and plexi in wooden frames. Size varies.

In my studio in Drammen.

Trøndelagsutstillingen, DORA1, 2008

Arena Vestfossen, 2008

Confession I

Confession I, 2007

X-rays, mirrors, plexi and wood
85 x 165 x 7 cm

Confession II

Confession II, 2007

X-rays, lights, plexi and wood
Series of 16 pictures.
35 x 120 cm

The Host

The Host, 2008

X-rays, plexi and wood.
28 x 200 x 7 cm

Shadow of a Dream

Shadow of a Dream, 2008

X-rays, plexi and wood.
150 x 180 cm